It’s hard to know what to do with my day…after being shut up for so long and having all my time structured for me.

I get to make my own decisions about how to spend my time now…it seems so odd.

I don’t know what to do!

I can go anywhere, do anything (as long as it doesn’t cost money)…

And I’m just sitting here with no clue what to do.

I wonder how people who spend years in jail transition back into daily life…?

Or hostages?

It feels like my decision making muscles have been clipped…or stolen.

Why didn’t anyone prepare me for this?


–via the ghostwriter


10 thoughts on “Immobile

  1. Hugs. I remember all the discussions of the horrible, creepy religious stuff you had to watch. You could always watch some Netflix documentary on cults just for the satisfaction of knowing you can (and the curiosity if anyone would get the reference!) Heck – you could just watch someone that *you* wanted to watch for once! That alone is something.

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    1. It’s weird even trying to know what I want when what I want hasn’t mattered to anyone! I have a very hard time sitting still through an entire movie of anything, and the DVD player here doesn’t work…🤨 I am willing to educate myself about cults though. My Ghostwriter knows a lot, and I’m learning. I don’t have Netflix, but I have Hulu on my phone. Would they have these kinds of things?


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