No Angel

Therapy was…awkward.

Angela…is no angel.

“Are you having suicidal thoughts?”


“Would you tell me if you were?”


🤔Probably not, actually…

“If you tell me you’re having suicidal thoughts, I will have to turn you over to the crisis line.”

Is that a threat?

Is she telling me not to actually tell her if I’m suicidal?

It really sounded that way.

Crisis line means dealing with Tom, back to CRU, and back to the state.

I told her I don’t trust her after sending me to the state.

“You were so lost in your illness, I didn’t know how to help you. No one did.”

So, then what did you all learn in college anyway?

Why are you all responsible for treating people with mental illness if you don’t know how to help them when they’re sick?

Did anyone really think sending me home is that night was the right solution?

Did anyone care that they were pushing me and sabotaging me, and making my illness worse?

(They claim they didn’t know I was in danger…🙄)

Why are you my therapist, then, if you can’t help me?

“Do you feel ready to begin trauma therapy?”


Actually, yes, I’d like to work on my trauma with a proven, safe, effective method…and with a therapist I actually trust. But since I have Angela and prolonged exposure, then…NO.


Did she take no for answer?

About as well as the orange and pink therapist.

She says I’ll never get better if I don’t let her help me.


This is going to be a real challenge…

Why would someone who has acknowledged their incompetence in helping me then urge me to delve into my deepest traumas with her?





–via the Ghostwriter


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