Just when you think everything is right on track…

I spent the afternoon with my social worker…and we were on the phone with the State Hospital.

I was released on November 19.

Dr. Z went on vacation on November 26.

Just found out today that I was never actually released on paper…

And the excuse the state hospital is giving is that Dr. Z has been on vacation.

An entire week after I left, she went on vacation and couldn’t be bothered to release me first???

So, why does this non-release really matter?

As far as social security is concerned, I’m still at the hospital and have been for two weeks.

That’s two weeks USH is getting paid for me being there…

And two weeks that I don’t get any progress towards getting my benefits…

And who knows how much longer til I have any money to live on. 😟

Social security won’t even process my benefits until I’m released!

And I think it’s common knowledge…they are SLOW.

I can’t even apply for housing until it’s resolved with Social Security.

I can’t even express my feelings right now…

BUT, if I ever doubted that there are evil people involved here who are trying to sabotage me, I will never doubt it again.


Oh, and….Dr. Z won’t be back for another full week.

–via the ghostwriter


9 thoughts on “Sabotage

    1. Because they want me to still be on trial leave, so if I slip up I have to go immediately back? Because they want me to have no money to live on? Because the sabotage everything and make our lives very difficult for sadistic enjoyment? All of the above? 🤷🏼‍♀️

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