Ok, so I’m court ordered to take my prescribed medications.

I have no social security yet, thanks to USH not officially releasing me until two weeks after I was actually released.

I just started work this week–and wasted no time finding a job–but haven’t had a chance to get paid.

I’m borrowing money for food and gas to get back and forth to work until I do have some kind of income. My family does NOT help.

And today, I got a call from Davis Behavioral Health.

They say I owe them $27, and can’t get any of my meds until I pay it.

Then, they informed me that they will be closed starting tomorrow until next Wednesday. So I have less than a day to pull $27 out of thin air…

Or no meds.

Which puts me in violation of my court order.


This is what I call an impossible situation.

And it leaves me to question, yet again, if these people are really trying to help me, or just actively sabotaging me in every conceivable way…?

I know which looks more likely. Actions are very telling.

–via the ghostwriter


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