Not Right

I officially hate my therapist.

Today was the most awkward and uncomfortable therapy session I’ve ever had.

I stared at the ground in silence.

(I predetermined not to engage with her anymore than necessary.)

Angela kept saying really weird things…and I was zoning out. I can’t even remember anything she said, just that it was soooooo bizarre…

And…I think she was hypnotizing me, because I kept going into sort of a trance.

She kept talking.

I do recall her saying once, “You know what you can do to cheer yourself up? Throw snowballs at people.”

I told her I didn’t want to.

She said, “Yeah, you don’t want to be accused of assault or anything.”

Then why suggest it?

She kept talking.

I didn’t respond.

Didn’t seem to surprise her, or phase her one bit…

And it certainly didn’t stop her from saying weird things for the entire hour.

To those out there who are therapists…what is going on here?

This just ain’t right.

I don’t ever want to go back–but the court system will make me.

The whole thing…just ain’t right.

(Check out the confusion technique and others.)

Via the Ghostwriter


8 thoughts on “Not Right

  1. That’s bizarre. It’s not any kind of therapy I’m familiar with. You do know you can’t be hypnotised unless you allow it. Your zoning out was just you turning off, I think. Why not try deep breathing your way through the session – go within and practice some calming techniques to make use of the time.

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  2. Remember you own your own story. And, maybe find a small fidget item to keep discretely tucked in your hand to ground you? If that doesn’t work, memorize each and every detail on her rug. It’s surprisingly absorbing…and saying you are practicing grounding gives you an excuse not to make eye contact that’s hard to shoot down?

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