Not-so-generous Raise

The doctor raised my seroquel.

Because I’ve been up late…will be working graveyards when I get over this pneumonia.

I’m fighting to stay awake at all most of the time.

So…raise the dosage on the drug that knocks me out?

#1. Seroquel isn’t for sleep.

#2. I don’t WANT to sleep early. I’m worried I won’t be able to stay awake on my job as it is. Training was really difficult on this medication.

I was up very late one night worrying about my car–which broke down on the freeway…Like any normal person with money troubles might.

I wish I hadn’t told the doctor that.

She said she’s worried I might become manic.

#1. Seroquel isn’t a bipolar or mania drug.

#2. Psychotropic drugs are generally prescribed to treat symptoms you already have, not possibilities that may never happen.

DBH knows I hate seroquel and everything about it. I hate the way it makes me feel…mostly like a zombie. I hate sleeping my life away…and sometimes drooling.

When I left the state hospital I was not prescribed seroquel...and the release records said “bipolar in remission.”

I swear this doctor put me on it just to annoy me, but there was no other reason.

And if I were truly paranoid, I might think she’s trying to sabotage my job.

It seems all these people do is make normal functioning harder and harder.

It’s not helping!

–via the ghostwriter


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