Foiled Again

My Ghostwriter told me on the phone last night that if they pressed the issue of the mystery pills, the blog would move to the next level.

We already know they listen to our calls.

This is the same game we played while I was in the state hospital.

Met with Dr. Shark today.

The pills (or pill, singular) they found in my closet was a yeast infection pill.

Nothing that I’m prescribed.

Clearly, they do not do daily checks, as they claim.

And clearly, someone knew there was a pill there, or else why have the search at all?

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but the admission that this pill was not mine will keep the blog where it is currently.

For now.

Dr. Shark harassed me about my “borderline.”

“We need to get your borderline under control,” she kept saying.

That would be a fabulous plan, if I actually had borderline personality disorder.

But since that’s just a catch-all dirty word for “self harm,” I have an issue.

For five months, I was self harm free.

During those five months, my therapist, APRN, and everyone else in this god forsaken place has pushed me, even hypnotized me, and tried to force me into being and/or saying that I was suicidal.

Then they changed my meds, for no apparent reason, and about drove me insane. None of which they take any credit for.

And my brief moment of unwilling self harm, as a result of the bad medications, has been inflated into “out of control borderline.”

It’s the same ol garbage…

Reality means nothing.

But it gets really old.

If anyone here actually spoke about this realistically, I think I’d faint of sheer relief.

The upside is that Dr. Shark says she expects me to be released Monday or Tuesday.

Much sooner than they’ve been threatening.

Just like the state hospital.

Thanks to everyone for being here!

–via the ghostwriter


9 thoughts on “Foiled Again

  1. I’m so relieved to read that they are thinking of letting you out of that hellhole! It’s crazy the lengths these people will go to sabotage you.

    That borderline diagnosis is d tough one. It’s easy to acquire because therapists and psychiatrists tag it on to pretty much anyone with mood swings who self harms, has a suicide attempt, or is impulsive. But it’s a hard label to unstick. Once it’s been pasted into your chart everyone seems to want to chalk everything up to you just looking for attention, just being borderline. I’m so sorry this has happened to you

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