Cage Door Opens

I’m free!

Well, sort of.

Got everything done I needed to do, despite snow and extra challenges. I now have a vehicle, which is a relief.

Back at the transitional housing.

New roommate…the other one, I was actually glad to get a break from. This one looks to be equally as challenging.

Not sure putting a bunch of mentally ill people together in a home with no supervision is such a good idea, but whatever.

My food is all either spoiled and/or missing (roommate #1 has entitlement issues.)

Due to the government shut down, I don’t have food stamps to look forward to.

I’m on two meds that make me constantly hungry, so starving is a bit more challenging than usual. I’ll get by somehow.

Dr. Shark put me on daily meds, which means I have to drive across town every morning to take my meds under supervision.

Not sure where the gasoline to get there will come from…but we’ll see.

I had a nightmare from hell last night in the facility, and apparently woke everyone up screaming. Still disturbed by the feeling of fright it left me, and not totally comfortable about my safety (concerning Quade.)

But I’m looking forward to my bed and Netflix.

How I missed them both.

–via the ghostwriter


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